Artist Currently Shopping For Shades For Red

Funky fashion maven prefers bags that get her double takes

February 29, 2004

Cheryl Votzmeyer, 33, is a decorative painter and muralist who owns Green Frog & Co.

Votzmeyer has modeled in New York City and studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  

Votzmeyer, who is married, enjoys visiting new art museums around the world, listening to Christian music by Jennifer Knapp and is involved with The Women's Connection at Asbury United Methodist Church.

Friends say my clothes are

Always funky and artsy. I recently had a friend make a comment about my shoes. She noticed that I wear a different pair just about every day and have a matching purse to go with the shoes.

I don't base my day on it, but it's fun to accessorize because I wasn't able to do that much when I was growing up.

I wouldn't be caught dead wearing...

Hillary Clinton's clothes, because they are way too conservative for me. I love my broken-in jeans, my Kenneth Cole high heel boots, and a Tommy T-shirt or turtleneck. I love to be comfortable and relaxed. I am not into the cramped-up tailored look or glammed-up looks.

One of my new favorite shopping haunts

Being from a little town in Texas and moving to New York, I entered in to a whole new world of excitement and clothes, clothes, clothes.

Although, I can't have New York everyday, I have found a shop here in town named Merci in Town & Country Shopping Center. This store has bags from Paris, awesome and eclectic jewelry, designer clothing, home accessories and bath products. It's all beautiful - the atmosphere is great and so are the items. I love it there.

I'm currently in search of...

The perfect red anything. I have a red car, watch, cell phone and kitchen. I love red. My hair is even red. The color is energizing to me and when I see it my brain goes crazy and I tend to be in a better mood and more creative. I've got red dresses, leopard print pants, purses and T-shirts.

My favorite designers include...

Emanuel Ungaro, Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan. Ralph Lauren is classic and I like his look. Emanual Ungaro is mainstream and keeps up with all the designs that are on the runway each year and Donna Karan has really clean cut pantsuits, sweaters, dresses and jackets.

Her fashion sense is superb. That is why she has the job of being a designer.

I'll never throw out my...

Oversized painting coveralls, because my husband loves them and says they are sexy. They are from Old Navy and have a little paint splashed on them.__Most memorable shopping experience

In Florence, Italy, while shopping with my husband. I found an amazing burgundy Italian suede jacket on sale. It was regularly $350 dollars and I got it for $125.

Every time I wear it, it reminds me of the Valentine's trip to Italy that my husband took me on.

I make my wardrobe interesting by...

Trying to pick up unique items that I know I will wear in the future and that won't be going out of style in the next month.

I have the tin box purses (Van Gogh, Monopoly and Barbie) with art painted on them and funky leather clutch bags. I like bags that make a person look twice.

When I shop for clothes...

I look for comfortable but very stylish and flattering outfits. I don't like clothes that are squeezed so tight that make a woman look like she is going to burst. Classic looks can be used for years and years if taken care of.

If I were to write a book on fashion, I'd call it...

Caviar Taste - Hamburger Budget. Sometimes I feel that items such as BCBG Max Azria funky shirts are overpriced. I look for sales and if I find sales, I tend to purchase more things.

That's how I justify buying it.

My most sentimental pieces of jewelry

Two antique crystal beaded chokers. I believe they were my great aunt's and then passed to my grandmother (my dad's mom) and then to me. I got them when I was 19, before I moved to New York. I usually wear them on special occasions or dinners. I'm afraid I'm going to lose them if I wear them out.

I can't wait to wear my...

Sundresses this spring and summer. I have quite a few, but I am looking for new ones. I like white and embroidered sundresses with different colors around the hem and neckline. My husband ordered an embroidered sundress for me from Sundance Catalog.

It's really hot and humid here and the dresses are feminine. I kind of get caught up wearing too many jeans.

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Photos by Tim Zielenbach/Caller- Times
Votzmeyer, a former model, wears  an eye-catching formal top from     Mercí, located in Town & Country   Shopping Center.
A string of pearls complements a polka dot Betsy Johnson dress.
Votzmeyer wears a casual BCBG Max Azria shirt that she bought in New York City.
Votzmeyer bought this camel colored suede-look Isaac Mizrahi jacket from Target. It looks great with a pair of faded jeans.